Power, Passion & Glory:
DVD Extras & Special Features

As a bonus, the DVD includes several special features and bonus materials:

  • Missing and deleted scenes: producer /director Ken Heckmann had added a whole slew of scenes that did not make the final cut of the movie but are still very interesting, and in some cases funny and informative. There are also missing scenes that perhaps might have made the cut of many documentaries. Enjoy!
  • An interview with Celina head coach Butch Ford and a special edit of his extraordinary pre-game and halftime speeches: Quite simply, the coach is the hero of the movie. His interview is poignant and humorous, while also being sincere and motivational. This extra feature also shows some of his pep talks that are taken directly from the movie.
  • An interview with legendary coach G. A. Moore on what it takes to build a winning program: Coach Moore is now the winningest coach in all of Texas H.S. football history and he shares some of his secrets on building and maintaining a winning and successful program.
  • An interview with producer/director Ken Heckmann on the making of "Power, Passion & Glory: The Real Story of Texas Football Madness:" Ken talks about why he decided to make the movie, and why he chose Celina High School's football team as the program to film. He also reviews other interesting aspects of his brilliant new documentary.
  • A special edit of the 2004 game between Celina and Pilot Point: Is there any bigger rivalry in small-town Texas football? Probably not. Adding to the drama of the new documentary is a very special edit of this year's game between the two rivals. It's a must-see!
  • An interview with former NFL star and current college football broadcaster Craig James: can you spot Mr. James in the movie? If so, then you watched it very closely. Craig is a resident of Celina and he takes great pride on the success of the Bobcats' program!
  • An interview with former TCU running back Kent Waldrep who has two sons playing in Celina despite his paralyzing spinal cord injury: in 1974, Mr. Waldrep suffered a horrific injury while playing runningback for TCU in a game against Alabama. Yet, he still allows his sons to participate in football. Here he tells why.


KHP, Inc presents Power, Passion & Glory a film by Ken Heckmann original music by CHIP EVANS Narrated by PAT SUMERALL Director of Photography PHILLIP THOMAS PRODUCED DIRECTED AND EDITED BY KEN HECKMANN Copyright 2004-2024